Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Don’t Dry

Animations Character Design Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry Together with Crazy Bunch I helped reimagine this video game series from the 80s and adapt it for the modern age. Leisure Suit Larry games are known for their raunchy humor. In them you play Larry Laffer, the unsuccessful bachelor, who tries to find… Read More

Fart Flip

Fart Flip This was a project, that unfortunately never saw the day of light. But I liked working on it nevertheless. The concept was a mobile game in which you fart your way upwards, while collecting coins. Because of that very funny topic it was also pretty fun to come up with different types of… Read More
Forget You Not - a game about dementia

Forget You Not

Character & World Development Forget You Not I developed a concept for a game about dementia, inspired by my grandmother's life story. This was a master thesis at HAW Hamburg. The result is a platform game, in which you discover memories through the eyes of dementia patient Nani.  While traveling through her past in reversed… Read More

Pillars of the Earth

Animation Cleanup and Preparations One of my jobs was to prepare a scene for the cutscene animators. For that I often was handed a rough sketch, but sometimes only had to work with the briefing of the writers. Sometimes I even got to animating that scene as well. Travel Screens Another style of storytelling in… Read More

Cake Jump

Video footage of the game Promo Pictures Concept Art Cake Jump Talking Tom and Friends are making the tallest cake in the world, and they need your help. Tap the screen to make Talking Tom jump as more and more cake layers are added to the cake. Can you make a cake that reaches all… Read More

The Inner World 2

The Inner World 2 Solve mind-bending puzzles in a world full of mystery and save the family of the flute-noses! Their dynasty has been watching over Asposia for centuries on end. In secret, they fill the roly-poly world with light and life. But when their existence is discovered, they become hunted. Emil, a trader for… Read More

Tiny’s Clicker Quest

Tiny's Clicker Quest In Tiny’s Clicker Quest you train Tiny Roar‘s mascot “Tiny” and fight against monsters that are about to take over the world. Care for your little pet and raise him to be your individual companion. Tiny’s Clicker Quest is a combination of Cookie Clicker, Tamagotchi and Pokémon. This was a study project for… Read More

Deponia Doomsday

Deponia Doomsday Deponia Doomsday is a point-and-click adventure created by Daedalic Entertainment. It is the fourth installment of the Deponia franchise. The first three parts are considered as a trilogy. This installment is a “paralellic”.   My job involved Character Animations (in Spine and Frame by Frame) Background Animations Time Frame August'15 - November '15 Medium Game Client Daedalic Entertainment GmbH Job… Read More

Tiles & Tales

Tiles & Tales Join Lilly on her adventurous journey to rescue her kingdom Zanira from a new evil menace – the Norbolds. Swipe and stack tiles in this marvelous medieval Fantasy Puzzle RPG in order to fight your enemies. Become more and more powerful by opening treasure chests packed with new items and gold for… Read More


Gamejams A gamejam is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time, usually ranging between 24 and 72 hours. Participants are generally made up of programmers, game designers, artists, writers, and others in game development-related fields. The biggest Gamejam is the… Read More

Deponia Trilogy

Deponia Trilogy Deponia is an award winning point-and-click adventure game following the misadventures of Rufus, a guy with wild dreams of escaping his village Kuvaq, located on a junk covered world called Deponia.   My job involved hand-drawn frame by frame animation hand-drawn UI assets Items Date October 2011 - February 2012 Medium Game Client… Read More

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